Area and oriental rugs are valuable investments that add a beautiful touch of color and style to your home. Because rugs are delicate and often expensive, it’s important to keep them maintained and cared for so they last for years to come!

Fortunately, the experts at rug cleaning in Gastonia know how to care for all types of rugs! Keep reading to learn how to clean and care for the rugs in your home!

Routine Rug Care

Frequently Vacuum Your Rugs

The best way to remove dirt and contaminants from your rugs is to vacuum them regularly. Avoid vacuuming the fringe on the edges of your rugs to protect them from being torn. For shag rugs or delicate rugs, adjust the power setting on the vacuum so that no fragile threads are pulled out.

Regularly Shake Your Rugs

Another way to get rid of loose dirt particles is to shake your rugs. We advise shaking your rugs outdoors to prevent the dirt particles from getting on your carpeting.

Remove Pet Hair With a Brush

Vacuuming typically removes the majority of pet hair collected on your rugs, but sometimes there is still hair on the surface of your rugs. To remove this leftover pet hair, use a stiff brush on your rugs about once each week.

Remove Stains & Spills ASAP

If you ever notice a spill or stain on your rug, don’t let it just sit on your rug! Using a towel or rag, blot the spot away gently and carefully. You can try applying a DIY cleaning solution, store-bought stain remover, or the best option— contact professional area rug cleaners! If you choose to remove the spill or stain yourself, test a small area of the rug first with the solution to ensure it doesn’t discolor the fibers.

*Avoid rubbing stains and spills as this can bury the spot deeper into the fibers of your rug. 

Rotate Where Your Rugs are Placed

Depending on where you place your area rugs, they can get extremely worn out from everyday foot traffic, especially when put in areas like the entryway, hallway, or living room. To prevent rugs in these common areas from getting worn out, we recommend rotating the locations of your rugs several times a year.

area rug care 101Deep Rug Cleaning

Before you begin deep cleaning your rugs, check the labels on your rugs to see if there are special care instructions for the particular material. Many types of rugs require professional care, especially if they are large and delicate. For these types of rugs, get a professional area rug cleaning in Gastonia, NC!

Area Rug Cleaning in Gastonia, NC

You can entrust your area rugs in the hands of the qualified technicians at Green Team Rug Cleaning. We offer expert rug cleaning in Gastonia and the surrounding areas in Central Piedmont, NC. Our 5-step rug cleaning process gently and effectively cleans your rugs, and we ensure top-quality results!


Request an appointment for an area rug cleaning in Gastonia today!

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