It’s a common misconception that area rugs are just like carpets and therefore can be cleaned and cared for the same way. We provide expert rug cleaning in Hickory, NC, so we can attest that area rugs are very different than carpets. Keep reading this blog post to find out why area rugs and carpets must be cleaned differently!


The biggest difference between area rugs and carpets is that area rugs are simply constructed differently than wall-to-wall carpets. Your area rugs are made to be transportable, while your carpets are permanently installed in one place. On top of this, area rugs in and of themselves are different, so even individual rugs require unique care.


Fringe is common on some area rugs, but you never will find fringe on carpets! Rug fringe is delicate, so you don’t want to vacuum it and cause splitting or tears. Area rugs with fringe must be given special treatment to preserve the fringe.

Dirt and Soil Removal

Most area rugs are made to be thicker with a dense pile construction. This means that they usually have more fibers closer together than standard carpet. This dense pile tends to trap dirt and soil near the base of the rug. A vacuum cleaner generally can’t remove these contaminants from the fine fibers, which is why people often take their rugs outside and shake or beat the dirt out of them. This can be a lot of work, so we suggest getting a professional rug cleaning in Hickory, NC to remove this build-up for you.

Color Bleeding

Most carpets are a single color, but area rugs often have intricate patterns of color. These unique designs can quickly be ruined by color bleeding. This is why it is important to use the correct solutions and methods to clean an area rug.

Why Should Carpets & Rugs Be Cleaned Differently?Professional Rug Cleaning in Hickory, NC & Surrounding areas

There are many kinds of rugs that are different and thus require specialized care. Because rugs are usually an expensive investment, they need to receive proper treatment so you don’t lose your investment. Proper area rug cleaning is best left to professionals. Don’t trust just any local steam cleaner to clean your rugs. Before you allow anyone to touch your rugs, ask them questions, and make sure that they have received training to know how to properly clean your rug without damaging it.

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