Keeping your outdoor rugs clean and free of dirt and debris is easier with the right tools and a little bit of know-how. In this blog post, our crew at Green Team Rug Cleaning in Gastonia, NC will give you some tips on how to clean your outdoor rugs using simple household items, as well as how to care for and protect them from the elements.

Tips for Outdoor Rug Maintenance

  • Use a waterproof rug pad to keep moisture from seeping into your rug and protect your kids and pets from slipping on the rug while playing outdoors.
  • Shake out your outdoor rug on a weekly basis to keep dirt, mud, pollen, and other outdoor elements from building up.
  • Properly roll up and store your outdoor rug in a dry area during seasons when it is not in use.
  • Keep an eye out for insects or other pests that may be crawling under your outdoor rug.
  • Pay attention to the location of your outdoor rug. If it’s in high-traffic areas, be sure to get it cleaned more often or consider moving it to a less-frequented area of your patio or deck.
  • When unexpected rain or moisture comes into contact with your rug, dry it thoroughly in the sun to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Don’t forget to use furniture pads for outdoor patio furniture so the legs don’t tear or damage the rug.

Offering Expert Rug Cleaning in Gastonia, NC 

If you’ve got an outdoor rug, it’s important to clean and care for it properly so that it lasts long and looks great for years to come. But don’t wait until your rug is damaged or overworked to get it professionally cleaned! At Green Team Rug Cleaning in Gastonia, NC, we’ll deep clean and detail your rugs with our thorough, yet gentle rug cleaning process. We guarantee your rugs will be in tip-top shape for the spring and summer seasons!

Call us today to book your appointment for expert rug cleaning in Gastonia, NC!

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