The beauty of the leaves changing, the weather getting chillier, and the fun upcoming holidays make fall a favorite time of year. Unfortunately, many rugs this season get extremely dirty with the change in weather and because people get so busy that they neglect the care of their precious rugs. Here are some tips from our rug cleaning in Shelby, NC team to keep your rugs clean and protected this fall!

1. Vacuum Regularly

Making sure you vacuum your rugs is very important, especially when your rugs are in high-traffic areas. When you vacuum, most of the dirt is removed before it settles into your rug’s fibers.

2. Invest in a Good Doormat

A high-quality doormat is essential to keep dirt, mud, leaves, and other particles from entering your home and potentially get passed into your rugs. Look for outdoor mats that have wire racks to catch mud and indoor mats that have vinyl or rubber backing to hold moisture and dirt.

3. Have Everyone Take Off Their Shoes When They Enter Your Home

You’d be surprised at how many contaminants get tracked in your home and rugs through your shoes. Even if you use a doormat to wipe down your shoes, smaller particles of dirt, bacteria, and allergens stick to your shoes. Over time, you’ll notice the colors of your rug fading or starting to look dirty, and your shoes may be to blame!

4. Wipe Down Your Pet’s Paws

By giving your pet’s paws a quick wipe after they have been outside you can eliminate a lot of the bacteria in your house. This is a great way to help eliminate some of the microbes that might otherwise be tracked onto your rugs.

5. Get a Professional Rug Cleaning in Shelby, NC

Our rug cleaning in Shelby, NC uses a gentle but effective rug cleaning process that deep cleans your rugs and restores their beauty. We’re a reputable rug cleaning company, and you can trust us with your rugs! Learn more about our rug cleaning process here and see what customers have to say about it.

Book a fall rug cleaning in Shelby, NC with Green Team Rug Cleaning today!

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