As 2021 begins, you are likely reflecting on the past year. It’s common to consider goals for the upcoming year that can help improve your life. Green Team Rug Cleaning in Shelby, NC can help make this year a healthier and happier one with our specialized area rug cleaning services. Here’s how.

Choose Green Team Rug Cleaning in 2021

Did you know that about 55 percent of New Year’s resolutions are health-related? Yep, it’s true! Most commonly, resolutions for the new year include things like eating healthier, getting more exercise, and getting out of debt. But did you also know that, on average, only about 8 percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals?

Instead, making lifestyle changes that start as habits and remain consistent throughout our lives is much more effective than annual resolutions. And the good news is, Green Team Rug Cleaning can help you establish a routine of healthy living in your Shelby, NC home.

Area rugs quickly fill up with dirt, bacteria, and allergens that can put your home at risk. In fact, these contaminants come in contact with our bodies directly by touch and also through the air we breathe. Rather than allowing your area rugs to become danger zones, Green Team Rug Cleaning in Shelby, NC gets them clean in our new rug cleaning facility.

Start the New Year off Right With Clean Area Rugs

Our professionals use green rug cleaning products on your delicate area rugs. The deep submersion area rug cleaning process that we use is very gentle on your rug and cleans the rug from top to bottom. Many carpet cleaners will offer area rug cleaning, but it will only clean the top of your rug. By cleaning your rug with our deep submersion process, you are ensuring that you are getting every fiber of your delicate rug clean.

Professional Rug Cleaning in Shelby, NC 

Green Team Rug Cleaning is committed to helping you achieve a cleaner, healthier, happier home. With our rug cleaning in Shelby, NC not only brings the satisfaction of a clean, beautiful home but the peace of mind that comes with knowing your area rugs are clean this year.

For a limited time, take 25% off all rug cleaning over 35 sq. ft.

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