As the cold winter season approaches, it’s time to prepare your home for the changes. One of the first things you’ll need to do is make sure that your rugs are ready for all those wet weather conditions. If you follow these 3 tips, you’ll be able to protect your investment and keep your rug looking wonderful throughout the season!

When in doubt on how to handle your rugs this winter, give the experts at rug cleaning in Morganton, NC a call — we’re happy to help! 

1. Use a Rug Pad

We often find customers who don’t believe in the power of using a rug pad, but once you get one, you’ll never go back to not using it. Our custom-fit Dura-Hold rug pads are the most recommended pad in the industry and will help make your rugs extra cozy this upcoming winter. From eliminating slippage to adding extra cushioning, rug pads will transform the rugs in your home at an inexpensive cost this season.

2. Don’t Wear Shoes Indoors

You’d be surprised at how many contaminants get tracked in your home and rugs through the bottom of your shoes. Even if you use a doormat to wipe down your shoes before entering your home, smaller particles of dirt, snow, and ice can still stick on there–and over time these particles will settle into your rugs. If you wear shoes indoors during the winter, you’ll notice your rugs getting darker and the vibrant colors fading away.

3. Get a Professional Rug Cleaning in Morganton, NC

At Green Team Rug Cleaning, we know how important your time and health are this holiday and winter season. That’s why you can count on us for an efficient and effective rug cleaning in Morganton, NC! Our process works to restore the vibrancy and color to your area rugs, and protects them by eliminating dirt and other particles that wear down textile fibers. We guarantee your rugs will look great for all your holiday guests while still being durable from all the extra foot traffic!

Book a winter rug cleaning in Morganton, NC with Green Team Rug Cleaning today!

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