A wool rug can be one of the smartest investments you make when decorating your home. These gorgeous additions are diverse in style, color, size— plus, they can be hypoallergenic! Because of their durability, they can handle a long lifetime of traffic, unlike more gentle rug materials. While these rugs help to beautify your home and protect your floors, they can be difficult to maintain. So how do you care for your wool rugs? Green Team Rug Cleaning in Conover, NC has the answer!

Shake Out Dirt and Dust Weekly

One of the simplest ways to maintain a wool rug is to shake it out weekly. By doing this you are able to remove most of the dirt and dust particles and prevent them from getting encased in the rug’s fibers. This is also a great way to fluff out your rug and restore its volume.

Always Be Gentle with Your Wool Rugs

Whether you’re using a stain removal product or DIY rug cleaning method, we recommend using a gentle approach with your wool rugs. For instance, use minimal amounts of water and never scrub the wool fibers to remove stains on your wool rugs. Using too much water on wool rugs may leave watermarks and scrubbing can break the wool fibers. Instead, take a little bit of warm water and wool-safe detergent to the area and spot clean, brushing the detergent/water mix in a gentle back and forth motion. Follow this by adding a minimal amount of lukewarm water to eliminate any soap that remains.

How to Care for Wool Rugs

Remember, any type of rug (including wool rugs) requires a professional rug cleaning in Conover, NC. Whether it be Persian, silk, or wool, your rug is an investment, and you want it to last! So it is essential to get it cleaned the right way to prevent further damage and to get rid of all stains. At Green Team Rug Cleaning, we are always gentle with your rugs!

Get a Professional Rug Cleaning in Conover, NC Regularly

Put your wool rugs in the trusty hands of the professional cleaners at Green Team Rug Cleaning in Conover, NC! We know the ins and outs of rug cleaning and have a highly trained team to do the job right. Our five-step process employs the simple elements of air and water to deliver an extremely thorough, yet gentle cleaning. Though more time-consuming, cleaning rugs by hand ensures that no stain is overlooked and the rug’s delicate construction isn’t placed under undue stress. This approach produces the most thorough cleaning for your treasured investment!

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